Thread subject: SPA Ladies Section - :: IM Ballot

Posted by gandalph on 04-04-2014 19:32

The ballot question is as follows:-

Should Top 16 Ranked Players receive automatic qualification to the National Finals for each IM Event?

Voting Yes

Members are confirming they are content with the existing structure with the Top 16 receiving automatic qualification to each National IM Finals.

Voting No

Members are confirming that the Top 16 players will have to qualify through their respective areas for the National IM Finals. The Top 16 players will then enter each area draw from the 2015 IM Series onwards.


Areas have up to midnight on Sunday 20th April to cast their votes. Any areas that have not provided the results of their ballot by this time will not have their votes included in the final result. Reps must add their area results on the new Scottish Pool website.