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Posted by yvonne on 03-02-2012 17:41

Jenny has asked me to post this on the ladies site:

I am holding a fundraiser for ladies who are attending either superleague or Bridlington. Times are tough for everyone, so thought this could be an idea to help reduce every ladies costs than attend the fundraiser. This will go direct to players. It is going to be on Sunday 26th February from 1pm in The Dasher, Inn. This will be a great day and i hope that everyone can come along and support us even if you are not playing in any of the events. If this proves to be a success then we can think about doing things like this on a regular basis to help cover, what, at times can be a costly hobby. There will be food put on, we will have flyers and of course a ladies V guys challenge. There will be 2 tables. If anyone can help with raffle prizes please let me know asap, also there will be football tickets on sale on the day, and if anyone can think of anything else that could boost the funds please let me know. If you dont have my number just pm me, as i dont have everyones number.

So come on ladies, get along and raise some funds to help yourselves.

Thank you Jenny, always at the forefront when it comes to raising funds.

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